FLOURISH: (Verb) to grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment.


We are a boutique meditation studio practicing modern meditation in gently guided 30 minute classes as well as other workshops and offerings. Our classes guide people of all levels, interests, and walks of life through 30 minutes of breathing and mindful practice. This isn’t something you have to “know how to do.” If you can sit and breathe, you can do this!

Meditation has many benefits including stress and anxiety relief, improved health, success in work, and personal growth, plus it clears and expands the mind for an elevated life by allowing you to spend more time in your inner world, to hear your inner voice, and to gently come face to face with your truths.

We also seek to create a community of likeminded people who are dedicated to self discovery and improvement, who always want to seek ways to grow, who connect with and support one another in the studio and in our lives.

We’re starting out by teaching our signature classes pop up-style around the city while news of our permanent studio home is forthcoming. Or another way to say that is, we’re just getting started! Come along with us…




With the lightest amount of instruction, our ‘Breathe’ class focuses on the power of breath, present moment awareness, and clarity of mind.
30 minutes // seated/still



Our signature class, ‘Flourish’ is a 30-minute guided meditation that focuses on different themes, intentions, or visualizations in addition to breath and present moment awareness. 
30 minutes // seated/still



Our newest offering! Bring a mat and prepare to sweat with a combination of yoga and simple but challenging cardio movements that will help you access mindfulness and to really be in touch with and celebrate your body. 
50 minutes // fitness/mat



In our workshops you'll learn how to make the most of meditation, what it is and isn't, and what a Flourish class is like. Each workshop varies in theme or focus and includes a guided meditation, discussion, and community time.
1 hour // seated/still for 30 minutes




“…Every class is exactly what I need to give my racing mind the space to just be.” -Kate Faux